Normal and Hypernasal Speech

The following are three sets of speech samples for men, women, and children spanning the range in equal intervals from normal to extreme hypernasality (Reference 1 to Reference 8 in each set).

You will need to have an audio player installed on your computer which can play .mp3 files. One such player is VLC Media Player. Click here for a free copy.


Further details can be found in the following article which was supported by Grant # R01 DE10436 NIH-NIDR: Kuehn DP, Imrey PB, Tomes L, Jones DL, O’Gara MM, Seaver EJ, Smith BE, Van Demark DR, Wachtel JM. Efficacy of continuous positive airway pressure for treatment of hypernasality. Cleft Palate Craniofac J 2002;39:267-276.