The Nominating Committee shall be composed of members from at least four separate specialties. Diversity as a whole should be considered when selecting Nominating Committee Members.

In accordance with the Association’s bylaws, the Nominating Committee prepares and submits nominations for Officer and Board member positions becoming vacant on December 31st. Nominations for open positions are presented to the Board by the Nominating Committee. The Board of Directors either approves the proposed candidates or returns the matter to the Nominating Committee.

2022 Committee Members:

    • Manish Valiathan, DDS, MSD – Cleveland, OH (Chair)
    • Jill Arganbright, MD – Kansas City, MO
    • Stacey H. Francis, MD – Los Angeles, CA
    • Lynn Marty Grames, MA, CCC-SLP – St. Louis, MO
    • Anne V. Hing, MD – Seattle, WA
    • Sara Kinter, MA, CCC-SLP – Seattle, WA
    • Aaron C. Mason, MD – Tucson, AZ
    • Lynn M. Fox, MA, MEd, CCC-SLP – Chapel Hill, NC (Ex-Officio)
    • Amy Mendillo, MM, MPP – Providence, RI (Ex-Officio)