The Management and Finance Committee includes the Treasurer as chair, the President-Elect, and at least three other at-large (not serving on the ACPA Board) members appointed by the President-Elect. The Executive Director and ACPA President serve in an ex-officio capacity.

Duties of the Management and Finance Committee include the following:

    • In consultation with the Executive Director, preparing and monitoring the Association budget and reviewing and making recommendations to the Board of Directors for all exceptional expenditures.
    • Recommend a certified public accountant for an annual audit of the financial records as approved by the Board of Directors.
    • Make recommendations regarding management of Association resources with additional consultation as required and approved by the Board.
    • At the request of the Executive Director, review space, equipment and other resource needs for the National Office prior to making a recommendation to the Board of Directors.
    • Provide consultation on issues of management or finance as requested by the Executive Director and National Office team.
    • Advise the Board of Directors of the Association concerning management and finance of the National Office as needed.
    • Address all matters relating to managing capital assets of the Association and investing these assets to provide sound financial management of Association resources.

2021 Key Objectives:

  • Review annual financial reports of the Association. Develop the annual budget for the organization
  • Review annual investment performance and advise the Board regarding investment policy and strategy

2021 Committee Members:

  • Scott A. Dailey, PhD (Chair)
  • Mary Ellen Alexander, RN, MN, New Orleans, LA
  • Patricia A. Beals, DMD, MS, Phoenix, AZ
  • Joli C. Chou, DMD, MD, Philadelphia, PA
  • Bernard J. Costello, DMD, MD, FACS, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Canice E. Crerand, PhD, Columbus, OH
  • John A. Girotto, MD, MBA, FAAP, FACS, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Carrie L. Heike, MD, MS, Seattle, WA
  • Alex A. Kane, MD, Dallas, TX
  • Ramon L. Ruiz, DMD, MD, Orlando, FL
  • Kristina Wilson, PhD, CCC-SLP, Houston, TX
  • Lynn M. Fox, MA, MEd, CCC-SLP (Ex-Officio)