The Learning Resources Committee develops new and updates existing publications for parent/patient education. This committee approves resources listed in the bibliography for parents and patients, working in conjunction with the Education Committee; reviews designated information from the education section of ACPA’s website; and provides strategic direction on ACPA family and professional learning resources as needed.

2022 Key Objectives:

  1. Guide editorial review and publication of family educational materials on key topics in cleft and craniofacial care. Identify areas where there may be more than one viewpoint that should be considered in the development of content.
  2. Monitor content concerns and provide professional expertise to assist in responding to concerns. Make recommendations on changes to future content as a result of expressed concerns.
  3. Provide strategic direction on family resources including: prioritizing and identifying patient and family educational needs, including recommendations on format (i.e. electronic, print, video, online, etc.) and professional perspectives on treatment and care.
  4. Review designated information from ACPA Family Services to ensure that relevant and appropriate learning resources are shared for families.

2022 Committee Members:

  • Angela J. Dixon, MA, Indianapolis, IN (Chair)
  • Pat Ricalde, DDS, MD, Tampa, FL (Co-Chair)
  • Carolynne V. Garrison Howard, PhD, Phoenix, AZ
  • Cecilia Goueli, LGC, Cincinnati, OH
  • Rania A. Habib, DDS, MD, Philadelphia, PA
  • Helen M. Huff, RN, BSN, IBCLC, Kansas City, MO
  • Kaylee H. Paulsgrove, MS, CCC-SLP, Seattle, WA
  • Melissa Raines, APNP, CPNP, Castle Rock, CO
  • Laura H.S. Rosenthal, MD, Chicago, IL
  • Rishma Shah, PhD, BDS, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Cassi Smola, MD, Birmingham, AL
  • Raymond Tse, MD, FRS(C), Seattle, WA
  • Krishna G. Patel, MD, PhD (Board Liaison)