The Education Committee is responsible for and oversees all components of ACPA educational programs including pre-conference symposia, free-standing symposia, endorsement or co-sponsorship of other organization’s meetings, audiovisual catalogue, and ACPA compliance with accrediting bodies. The Program Task Force is a part of the Education Committee and oversees the Scientific Meeting. The Education Committee is also responsible for assessing the continuing education needs and interests of the ACPA membership and recommending methods for addressing those needs and interests.

2022 Key Objectives:

  1. Provide guidance to the National Office Team for identifying and developing content for online learning activities. Review results from membership needs assessment to evaluate educational needs.
  2. Develop a recommendation for a strategic approach for ACPA online learning activities.
  3. Provide oversight to the 2023 Program Task Force in the design and creation of ACPA’s 80th Annual Meeting program.
  4. Determine the date and format of the Pre-Conference Symposium/Fall Symposium, specifically whether the Symposium will remain in the Fall or held in conjunction with the Annual Meeting.
  5. Provide oversight for the planning and delivery of CE activities, including assisting in the identification and resolution of Conflicts of Interest.
  6. Review the Code of Ethics and recommend any changes to Board of Directors.
  7. Enhance overall international and young professional attendee experiences by increasing inclusion in the program, dedicated receptions and focused sessions.

2022 Committee Members:

  • Lindsay A. Schuster, DMD, MS, Pittsburgh, PA (Chair)
  • Joy L. Baltz, RN, BSN, St. Louis, MO
  • Catharine B. Garland, MD, Madison, WI
  • Cheryl L. Grellner, RN, BSN, St. Louis, MO
  • Serena Kassam, DMD, West Vancouver, BC
  • Lauren K. Leeper, MD, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Jessica Ogawa, Beechwood, OH
  • Soumya Padala, BDS, MDS, Chicago, IL
  • Cory M. Resnick, MD, Boston, MA
  • Thomas J. Sitzman, MD, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Chelsea Sommer, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Jennifer C. West, PhD, Rochester, NY
  • Oksana A. Jackson, MD, Philadelphia, PA (Ex-Officio)
  • Kant Y.K. Lin, MD, Milwaukee, WI (Board Liaison)