These are guidelines for session chairs at ACPA’s Annual Meeting.  Please read and agree to these terms.

RSVP Deadline: January 4, 2019

If chairs and co-chairs do not accept by January 4, 2019, ACPA will find a replacement. Please note that accepting a time does not register presenters for the meeting. All presenters must register for the meeting. Registration will open in January 2019.


Session chairs are responsible for introducing the session and presenters, keeping the session within the program scheduled time and leading the discussion periods.  All session chairs are expected to connect prior to the meeting to prepare for the session. Please remember that you are representing ACPA.  All interactions should be professional and courteous.

Before the session:

  • Session chair and co-chair should connect to agree on roles and logistics.
  • Review the presentations and prepare questions to lead the discussion of each group of papers, if there are no questions from the audience.
  • Arrive at the session room at least 15 minutes early.
  • Make sure the speakers know how to use the equipment at the podium before the session starts.  This will help prevent wasted time during the session.
  • Ask the speakers to sit near the podium to save time.
  • Identify speakers and rehearse pronunciation of difficult names.  Remind the speakers of the importance of keeping within their time allotment.
  • Laser pointers are available at the registration desk if requested.  Return to the registration desk immediately after your session.

During the session:

  • Begin the session on time, even if one of the chairs or presenter(s) is absent and begin each presentation at the time scheduled.
  • Take no more than 5-10 seconds to introduce each speaker, e.g. “our first speaker will be Jane Smith, presenting [title of abstract].”
  • Sessions, speakers, and discussion periods must stay within the schedule as printed in the program as a courtesy to the presenters and attendees.  Do not jump ahead if a speaker is not there.
  • Let the speaker know the appropriate times for “one minute” and “time up.”
  • If a speaker continues beyond the time allotment, you will need to cut him/her off in a polite manner. Ex. “Thank you for the interesting presentation Jane, perhaps those in the audience can continue with questions for you in the discussion period. The next speaker is…”
  • Oversee the discussion periods within allocated time.  Remind the audience that this time is for BRIEF questions to the presenters, not to make commentary.  If someone expounds too much, interrupt and ask them to phrase their comment as a question.
  • At the end of the session, remind attendees that they will need to complete the Meeting Evaluation in order to receive continuing education credit.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.