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Build A Terrific Team With Jake French

Ultimately you want your patients to receive the best care possible, and that means working together effectively. Jake French helps healthcare professionals and family members who care for people with oral cleft and craniofacial conditions gain a deeper understanding of what it feels like to be a patient, so that you can meet their needs even better. As a nationally recognized keynote speaker and C6 quadriplegic, Jake’s firsthand examples are both heartfelt and humorous.

A common misconception is that to improve the quality of your service, you must do more or know everything. The truth is, patients deal with so many different people along their medical journey that they just want to feel like there’s a team who has their back and will always be there to help find the right answers. Since multidisciplinary teams have members from a variety of medical specialties, we will focus on relationship building with strategies to improve your communication and collaboration. Each idea will be easy to implement and aim to give you a new set of options for building a cohesive group.

Come to this refreshing speech to renew your passion for providing outstanding service and gain 3 powerful tools to make everyone you work with feel like a valued member of the squad!

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will identify how the difference between attitude and answers impacts your effectiveness in dealing with uncertainty
  • Discuss a mindset that helps your team create a culture of fresh thinking and innovation
  • Practice a communication strategy to address small issues before they become big problems


About Jake French:  Creating exceptional patient experiences does not have to mean extra time or money. After an accident left Jake French a quadriplegic, he spent 13 years collecting insights that would have radically improved his experience as a recipient of medical services. As a published author, Jake has firsthand knowledge in what needs to happen to keep moving forward personally and professionally when facing challenges. Today he rocks the stage, compelling audiences to laugh as they learn, and think creatively about daily steps healthcare teams from frontline staff to hands-on providers can take to collaborate as a team and improve how you interact with each other.