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New Members

Join ACPA for 2019 and receive the rest of 2018 at no additional charge. This offer is valid for new members who join September 15 – December 31, 2018 and will automatically be applied to all new memberships.

Total 1st
Year Dues
Active Member $245 $25 $0 $265
International Active $245 $25 $35 $300
Associate Member $245 $25 $0 $265
International Associate $245 $25 $35 $300
Student Member $110 $0 $0 $110
International Student $110 $0 $35 $145

All payments are due in US Funds.
* Only first-year international members pay the airmail fee.

Renewing Members

All memberships must be renewed annually on January 1. All renewing members receive paper and email renewal notices in the fall for the upcoming calendar year. If your membership category has changed and is different than the one listed on your renewal notice, please Contact Us.

Student Members

All student members are converted to Active Member status based on the end dates provided to ACPA. Members who are still in an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate training program (including a residency, fellowship, or post-doctoral program), still qualify for student status.

Transitional Members

Student Members who recently completed a training program might qualify for Transitional Membership for up to two years. This membership is available to any current ACPA Student Members in good standing who have completed school and/or a training program, are interested in working with cleft and craniofacial patients and are not yet employed in a cleft lip/palate or craniofacial related position. The 2019 Transitional Member Dues are $170. In order to qualify for transitional status, student members must email us proof of employment outside of the cleft/craniofacial field.

Retiring Members

Retiring members could qualify for one of the following:

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.