Since growth and development greatly affect the treatment path to successful outcomes, a child must have thorough and regular assessments by a team from infancy through young adulthood. Some individuals may require additional care in adulthood. ACPA Approved Teams follow the parameters of care to promote the best possible outcomes.

ACPA Approved Teams

ACPA Approved Teams are required to have access to a variety of medical professionals who specialize in different aspects of care.

Teams must include:

  • Care coordinator who facilitates care and assists patients and families in understanding, coordinating, and implementing treatment plans
  • Orthodontist who straightens the teeth and aligns the jaws
  • Speech-language pathologist who assesses speech and feeding
  • Surgeon such as a plastic surgeon, an oral/maxillofacial surgeon, a craniofacial surgeon, or a neurosurgeon

Teams must also have access to:

  • Audiologist who assesses hearing
  • Geneticist who screens patients for craniofacial syndromes and helps parents and adult patients understand the chances of craniofacial conditions occurring again in their families
  • Nurse who helps with feeding and provides ongoing supervision of the child’s health
  • Otolaryngologist is an “ear nose and throat” doctor, or “ENT”
  • Pediatrician to monitor overall health and development
  • Pediatric dentist or other dental specialist such as a prosthodontist, who makes prosthetic devices for the mouth;
  • Psychologist, social worker, or other mental health specialist to support the family and assess any adjustment challenges or support needs
  • Other specialists necessary for treating specific aspects of complex craniofacial conditions

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