This list of ACPA Approved Teams is a reference for those with cleft and craniofacial healthcare needs. Learn more about ACPA Team Approval and how to select a team.


United States



Barrow Cleft and Craniofacial Center — Cleft Palate Team, Craniofacial Team
124 W Thomas Rd
Suite 320
Phoenix, Arizona, US 85013-4415
Team Phone: 602.406.3560
Team Fax: 602.406.7182
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Patient Age Range: 0-99
Team Leader(s): Stephen P. Beals, MD (Plastic Surgery); Patricia A. Beals, DMD, MS (Orthodontics); Davinder J. Singh, MD (Plastic Surgery)
Team Coordinator(s): Megan E. Halvorson, BSN (Nursing); Miguel Labrego, BA (Coordinator/Administrator); Laura L Takeuchi, MPA (Coordinator/Administrator)


Cleft Lip and Palate Clinics/AZ Dept of Health Services — Cleft Palate Team
3141 N 3rd Ave
Children's Rehabilitative Services
Phoenix, Arizona, US 85013-4360
Team Phone: 602.512.3236
Team Fax: 602.266.0545
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Patient Age Range: 0-25
Team Leader(s): Meredith C. Workman, MD (Plastic Surgery)
Team Coordinator(s): Molly Brown, MS, RN (Nursing); Meredith C. Workman, MD (Plastic Surgery)


Children's Clinics — Cleft Palate Team
2600 N Wyatt Dr
Tucson, Arizona, US 85712-6106
Team Phone: 520.324.1477
Team Fax: 520.324.3128
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Patient Age Range: 0-26
Team Leader(s): Lucille Cook, RDN (Dietetics/Nutrition); John W. Day, DMD, MS (Orthodontics); Craig A. Hurst, MD, MSc (Plastic Surgery); Colleen McDonald, MSW (Social Work); Lauren M. Schenck, SLP (Speech-Language Pathology)
Team Coordinator(s): Stephanie Hansen, RN (Nursing); Melissa Ritchey, RN, MSN (Nursing)