When preparing an abstract, please make sure to follow the guidelines on this page.

  • Blind Abstracts – All abstract titles and bodies must be blinded appropriately. Any identifying information in the content or title fields will be cause for rejection.
  • Use Person First Language – When preparing an abstract, remember that ACPA requires that all abstracts use person first language, e.g., instead of “cleft patient” use “patient with a cleft.”
  • Check Spelling and Grammar – Abstracts will be published as submitted without copy-editing. All spelling and grammar errors, misspelled author name/credentials, will be published as submitted.
  • Ensure HIPAA Compliance – Confirm that the abstract is HIPAA Compliant and there is written consent for use of any recognizable photographs in this poster or presentation.
  • Provide Copyright Information – Submitting authors must have ownership rights to the content of this presentation and must not have transferred copyright to another party.
  • Guest Nation of Japan – Indication for abstracts being submitted from the Guest Nation of Japan.

Withdrawal or Change Requests

Abstracts may be withdrawn in the abstract submission system before September 1, 2020.  Email meetings@acpa-cpf.org to withdraw after the submission deadline.

All withdrawals and change requests must be submitted to meetings@acpa-cpf.org by December 15, 2020.