ACPA is proud to announce the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan, establishing a roadmap for the association to ensure growth and impact, and inspire our members, patients and families. Approved by the Board of Directors on January 27, 2022, ACPA will reimagine what is possible for our community while being well-prepared for what is an ever-changing world.

Communication and advocacy

  • Set the standard and be the source to promote team care as the best model for cleft-craniofacial care
  • Communicate the importance of access to and value of team care to legislators, the public, providers and affected individuals

  • Indicators of Success
    • Increased awareness of the organization by the public, providers, and legislators
    • Increase access to cleft and craniofacial care
    • Elements of quality team care are recognized by patients and providers
    • Collaborations are established with organizations that share similar advocacy goals

Drive excellence and innovation in education

  • We will be leaders in the dissemination of evidence-based education for patients, families, and professionals
  • We will cultivate innovative multimodal educational offerings
  • Indicators of Success

Research advancement, engagement, and communication

  • Foster development and promote involvement in innovative research from all stakeholders
  • Promote the advancement of science via the dissemination and discussion of basic science, clinical, and outcomes research through a variety of platforms



Collaboration, networking, and connections

  • Encourage collaborations that enhance our ability to reach families and providers, locally, nationally and internationally to enable an environment that brings together families and providers across specialties and experiences

Embrace and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Promote diversity and respect; identify and dismantle barriers to involvement; and create a welcoming and inclusive environment so that all ACPA members, employees, and families can thrive