A Tradition of Giving Back

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At 20 weeks pregnant, we found out Nicholas was going to be born with cleft lip and palate. While the journey has not always been easy, our ACPA Approved Team at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has made a big difference.

Our team at CHOP has become more like family. We love Dr. Jackson! From the moment I met Dr. Jackson when I was pregnant, she was so nurturing and comforting. I knew if I had to hand my precious boy over to anyone for surgery, it would be to her. Nicholas has done phenomenal with his treatment. He is now in Kindergarten and does receive speech, but he truly has come so far and we are so proud.

Our family likes to give back…and that’s where ACPA comes in. We know how important ACPA is to Dr. Jackson, and she is so important to us! Every year, we host a big Christmas party and instead of bringing gifts, everyone brings a donation. Last year we donated over $3,000 to ACPA in Nicholas’ name. CHOP has done so much for us that our giving back tradition will continue.