My Warrior

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My beautiful son, Jaxson, started to show me how strong he was just a few weeks after I found out I would be blessed with him.

At our 12-week ultrasound, we found out Jax would have some sort of cleft or facial abnormality.

At 20 weeks, we found out my placenta was not producing a certain hormone and Jax’s growth started to slow down, but he held on!

A few weeks later Jaxson was still chugging along, but we found out that he had a VSD–a hole in his heart.

The doctors kept me at Stanford so they could keep a close eye on Jaxson until he was ready to be born. Each day, we saw more signs that Jax was ready to see the world.

After 15 days of monitoring, at only 31 weeks gestational age, Jaxson was born by C-Section. His diastolic flow had reversed, and he was laying sideways in my tummy.

He was 2 pounds, 4 ounces when he was born…He arrived 9 weeks early! He stayed 63 days in the NICU and he impressed every nurse and doctor along the way!

He has had 4 surgeries and has 2 more planned. He has 22q11 deletion syndrome and hypothyroid. He’s had many tests and scans. Uncountable appointments. Blood Transfusions. Hospital stays. Taping. Acid teflux. The list goes on and on.

My son wakes up every morning with the cutest, purest smile! He laughs joyously and loves cuddles. He has the biggest fighting attitude and he speaks his mind, although he doesn’t know any actual words. Jaxson has overcome so much in less than 8 months and he does it all with spunk and a smile. This little boy is a warrior!