A Deep Dive into Leadership

ACPAWater Cooler Chat

Wendy-Jo Toyama, MBA, CAE

I always love returning from the American Society of Association Executives annual meeting, which was held in Columbus, Ohio this year. It is my professional meeting — a powerful opportunity to reconnect with colleagues from around the country, get new ideas, share stories, learn and grow. This year, I was privileged to present a 90-minute Deep Dive entitled “Leading Differently Together: Lessons from the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Staff Executive Relationship” with former ACPA President Richard Kirschner.  We talked about personality type and how it affects communications and actions. I enjoyed introducing one of our own to my ASAE colleagues!

I also attended sessions on governance, valuing volunteers, the power of connectivity, unconscious bias and equity. This year serving as the ASAE Diversity + Inclusion Committee Chair, I was honored to congratulate ASAE’s graduating class of Diversity Executive Leadership Scholars and introduce ASAE’s Interim CEO at the annual Diversity + Inclusion reception. Throughout my career, I have been a champion for diversity, inclusion and equity – serving on various corporate and nonprofit committees. Last year, the ASAE committee finalized ASAE’s 2019-2021 Diversity + Inclusion Strategic Plan. Since hosting ACPA’s Diversity + Inclusion Roundtable at our Annual Meeting, it has been exciting to work with ACPA’s Membership Committee as we dive into the topic.

Finally, being an attendee at the meeting is a reminder of what our members experience and take away from ACPA’s Annual Meeting. We hope to continue to be the place where all those committed to ACPA’s mission can come together as a community, connect and learn.