ACPA’s Leadership Development Opportunities

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One of the ways ACPA displays its commitment to providing resources for patients and families is by supporting the cleft and craniofacial professionals who provide their care. Through ACPA’s many resources such as the The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal, Online Learning and numerous awards, ACPA challenges professionals to grow in all facets of their career, including their leadership skills.

At ACPA, we value the efforts of our leaders as they strive to create an inclusive and diverse atmosphere, promote interdisciplinary care and provide the best care for the patients we serve. The qualities we aim to achieve in our leadership are exemplified in our membership and many of our programs. ACPA’s Online Learning offers webinars on leadership development such as Building a High Performance Team, an opportunity available to all professionals. I also encourage you to connect with a mentor in our community to learn more about leadership opportunities. The annual meeting is an excellent time to further your network and either find a mentor or become a mentor.

I am excited to share that the Nominating Process Review Task Force is working on a comprehensive list of competencies and qualities for our Board—outlining what a great leader should be for our organization. We strive to cultivate and promote leaders that value collaboration, teamwork, professionalism, and ethics.  We also want leaders that value innovative research, high quality education, and community support to help our mission.  I believe this process will advance our organization as we continue to seek inclusive and interdisciplinary representation in our leadership that is directly reflective of how we practice on our teams.

Whether it is finding a mentor in our community or registering for your first webinar, I hope you will take the next step in your leadership development.  As always, contact the National Office Team at if you would like more information about how to get involved–the possibilities are endless.  Best of all, the work you do with and for the ACPA ultimately serves our mission to create a world where people with cleft and craniofacial conditions thrive.