ACPA Board of Directors Update

Alyssa KirkmanBoard Update, President's Letter


The ACPA Board of Directors met in April to discuss several strategic issues, including a meeting with the Membership Committee for a presentation from McKinley Advisors on the results of the member research. McKinley conducted member research through interviews, focus groups and a survey in 2018. Thank you to those who provided feedback through the process. The research showed that 92% of respondents were satisfied with their ACPA membership, which is well above average. The board identified some opportunities  and will be taking a deeper dive into the results and recommendations, with an eye on improving the overall member experience.

The Board also discussed the recommendations from the nominating process review.  The board approved changes to the 2019 nominating process, which will include an orientation for the nominating committee.  In addition, nominees will be asked if they are willing to serve and to supply a CV before the Nominating Committee meets.   The roles and responsibilities of the Nominating Committee were read aloud at the ACPA Annual Business meeting and included on the official ballot.  The Nominating Process Review Task Force will continue its work in reviewing the nominating process and work to implement additional changes for the 2020 nominating process. The Board hopes that the changes will result in a more inclusive nominating process.

The Board also discussed the following items:

  • The three-year rolling financial plan was reviewed.  The plan is a living document that will be used to manage ACPA’s budget going forward, with the goal of getting to a balanced budget by 2021.
  • The Board agreed that all fundraisers, whether volunteers, National Office Team members, or consultants, be made aware of ACPA’s commitment to the Donor Bill of Rights.
  • The Editor Search Task Force shared the results of the search for a new editor of The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal. The Board hopes to announce a new editor soon.
  • The award criteria for the college scholarships were discussed, and the board agreed to establish minimum GPA requirements and to consolidate the awards into three distinct scholarship categories to clarify and streamline the process.  The Family Services Committee will continue to work on the process and will ensure that the program has an impact.
  • The Board reviewed and accepted the audit committee’s recommendations to accept the review of the FY2019 Bridge period.  The next audit will be conducted for FY2019 in February or March 2020. The Board also approved the FY2019 Bridge period financial records.
  • The ACPA Employee Handbook has been updated to reflect the merger and the change in fiscal year.  Due to the organizational value of family, the definition of family for sick time has been expanded to include siblings.

The Board will continue to work throughout the year, with the next in person meeting in November.