Support Professionals and Families by Contributing to ACPA’s Fall Campaign

Alyssa KirkmanPresident's Letter

Amelia F. Drake, MD

Throughout the year, you are an important partner in the work of ACPA, a vibrant, growing collaboration that reaches across disciplines and includes patients and families. Each year, during the fall, we take a moment to support ACPA. Please join me in making a contribution to keep ACPA growing.

As we move into the holiday season, we remind ourselves it is the season of gratitude. We have a lot to be grateful for, and frankly, proud of at ACPA. ACPA has 2,500 members across 30 disciplines. This kind of impact is only possible with charitable contributions

As we launch our Fall Campaign, I’m asking you to make a difference in the lives of people like the Stedmans: “We have worked almost exclusively with ACPA Approved Teams… It was the first time that we had a full, comprehensive review of each child’s health. Words cannot fully express what a tremendous blessing it was to have their help and guidance in putting together the entire puzzle of the cleft diagnosis and journey”. Here’s how you can help

  • You will receive a letter in the mail asking for your charitable support. Please respond generously and quickly as donations are crucial for us to increase our impact
  • If you get caught up in holiday shopping, don’t forget that Giving Tuesday follows Black Friday. This year, I am pleased to challenge all donors to a match. I will match every dollar given up to $2,500 on Tuesday, November 27 – only gifts given online on that day will count.
  • One way to make it easy for you to support ACPA is our monthly giving program. You can set that up by mail, telephone (919-933-9044) or online. Monthly support is automatic and sustains us throughout the year.
  • Up in the middle of the night? You can give online anytime (even right now!) at
  • Please make your generous gift before December 31st. There are tax benefits but please check with your tax advisor for advice on your particular situation.

It’s been a great year and the future for ACPA is brighter than ever, with your help.