ACPA Publications for Craniofacial Acceptance Month

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During the month of September, ACPA is joining with the Children’s Craniofacial Association (CCA) to celebrate the 14th Annual Craniofacial Acceptance Month (CAM). In honor of CAM, we are featuring ACPA publications that provide educational information about craniofacial differences.

“Information about Treacher Collins Syndrome” is a fact sheet that provides a basic overview of helpful information from causes to common questions. Many parents often ask, “What should I be doing for my child now?” This fact sheet says:

You are best advised to locate a craniofacial center where genetic consultation, evaluation, and treatment planning will be provided by an experienced multidisciplinary staff composed of representatives from a variety of medical, dental, and other health care specialties. You may not have such a center near your home, but the care your child will receive will be more than worth the inconvenience of traveling to another city. Finally, meet other individuals and families affected by similar facial differences by joining a parent-patient support group.

Other ACPA publications that focus on craniofacial differences are “Positional Plagiocephaly,” “Information about Pierre Robin Sequence/Complex” and “Information about Crouzon Syndrome.” These publications can be downloaded online. Families may also contact ACPA Family Services via email or phone (919-933-9044) to have a complimentary copy of booklets mailed to them.

Sharing helpful information is just one way to spread awareness. How will you celebrate Craniofacial Acceptance Month? Share your CAM activities with us.