Volunteering with ACPA

Alyssa KirkmanWater Cooler Chat

I recently visited with two service organizations. I made a presentation about ACPA to the Chapel Hill Carrboro Sunrise Rotary Club and visited the ACPA Approved Team at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Chicago.

Both visits caused me to pause and consider the nature and evolution of service.  Each of these organizations was founded more than 100 years ago. Aspects of their origin stories continue today through symbols, pledges, culture and ritual. However, they continue to provide vibrant opportunities for people to engage and meaningful impact because they flexed to change with the times. The National Council for Non-Profits reports that 62 million Americans volunteered in 2014.  And no surprise, it also shared that the volunteer rates were lowest among 20- to 24-year olds.

There are patients, families, and students who seek opportunities to volunteer with us. Beyond the more traditional committee and program contributions by professionals, the opportunity for direct service is limited particularly as a national association.  ACPA does not, for example, hold a local mini-golf challenge, fundraising gala or duck race. Couple this with trends for less participation among our youngest members and it means we must think about how to transform our volunteer experience for the next generation.

It is the time of year that we put out a call for member volunteers.  If you have been thinking you would like to become more involved in ACPA, please take time to respond to the survey email you received, complete this form or share the link.  Perhaps it’s time for you to tap someone new on the shoulder and encourage them to step forward. Thank you for being involved.