Exhibitor Spotlight: MTF Biologics

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MTF Biologics prides itself on being a different kind of tissue bank; one dedicated to serving patients and advancing science; all the while honoring the gift of tissue donation that makes our work possible.

Founded as a non-profit organization by surgeons over 30 years ago, today MTF Biologics is still governed by a diverse and esteemed board of orthopedic and plastic surgeons, and has grown to become the largest tissue bank in the world.

Despite our growth, we remain dedicated to putting patients and donors first. MTF Biologics’ stringent donor criteria means we accept less than 2% of donors.  This ensures we’re providing the safest, most clinically efficacious allografts for optimal surgical outcomes for patients.

Our portfolio of plastic and reconstructive grafts includes Profile® Costal Cartilage Allograft Sheets and Renuva® Allograft Adipose Matrix.

Profile consists of donated costal cartilage cut into sheets of predetermined thickness. Used in pediatric cleft rhinoplasty and microtia procedures, they are a safe, effective alternative to autograft rib and ear cartilage, saving the surgeon OR time and the patient post-operative pain and discomfort.

Renuva is an off-the-shelf, injectable allograft adipose matrix composed of decellularized donated fat ideal for treating craniofacial soft tissue defects, such as craniostenosis and cleft noses.

To learn more about MTF Biologics, our mission and our surgical allograft solutions, visit www.mtfbiologics.org.