A Happy Boy

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We found out at our 20 week anatomy scan about Ethan’s cleft lip and possible palate involvement. We were devastated to hear of the long journey of surgeries and doctors and complications our baby would have.

However, ever since Ethan was born, on April 21, 2017, he has done nothing but blow us away with his strength, happiness and resilience. He did not spend any time in the NICU and ate like a champ using the Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeders since birth.

At a few weeks old he received the NAM device that he wore until his first surgery at 3 months old. This entailed weekly doctor visits to adjust the NAM. At 3 months, he had his first surgery, lip repair.

Our surgeon, Dr. Kane at Children’s in Dallas is amazing and we are so pleased with the results. At 9 months, in January 2018 Ethan had his 2nd surgery, palate repair. His palate came unstitched a week later and he had his 3rd surgery to repair it. Ethan healed remarkably and brings nothing but joy to those around him. He is a happy boy!