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In January, we had two snow storms in North Carolina; the last one dumping six to 12 inches around Chapel Hill. Being from Chicago, where we know how to do snow, it has taken me a while to adjust to the complications and disruptions that come with snow in the South. Everyone here runs to the grocery store to stock up on bread and bottled water. Local road crews “slurry” the major roads before the storm.  On the local TV stations, a great deal of time is devoted to weather news, precautions and preparations. But in the end, due to the limited amount of resources dedicated to snow removal, I was amazed to learn that we just wait for it to melt, which it thankfully has.

This got me thinking about the importance of intention and preparation. In 2018, the ACPA Board of Directors begin the next cycle of strategic planning for ACPA. The environment for the association and the patients, families and professions we serve will be researched. Thought and care will be given to the resources that will be needed to embrace the future. Intention, planning and preparation will be the foundation of the strategic planning ACPA will undertake to serve our audiences. This means that we should be positioned to address issues as they emerge, proactively and not reactively.  It should reduce the need to shift resources in reaction to the most recent “storm.”

It’s safe to say, that ACPA won’t be waiting for the snow to melt. We will embrace and strategically address the challenges, anticipated and unanticipated, as we forge our path for the next 75 years.