ACPA Spreads Awareness on WBTV

Alyssa KirkmanACPA News, Awareness, Family Services

ACPA Executive Director Wendy-Jo Toyama joined our friend Morgan Weintraub on WBTV Morning Break in Charlotte, North Carolina in early January.  This was an opportunity for ACPA to continue to talk about Wonder and how ACPA’s work with patients and families spreads awareness.

During the segment, Morgan talked about life with Crouzon Syndrome.  She was joined by Wendy to talk about ACPA’s Wonder screening in Durham and to discuss ACPA’s mission.

Morgan was also featured as WBTV’s Motivational MVP for the week.  WBTV’s Coach LaMonte explains why they selected Morgan, “Thank you for shining a light on how our behavior should be towards anyone, regardless of who they are or what their backgrounds are. Let’s make 2018 the year we are a tad bit nicer to one another.”  View the clip.