ACPA Recognizes 2017 Milestone Members

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The American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (ACPA) is pleased to recognize the 2017 Milestone Members.

The ACPA Board of Directors, National Office Team thanks the Milestone Members for their continued support of ACPA’s mission: to optimize outcomes for individuals with oral cleft and craniofacial conditions through education, support, research, advocacy and interdisciplinary team care.  ACPA is stronger because of the dedication and passion of these longtime members.

ACPA is celebrating the anniversaries of these 74 members.

60 Years

Philip F. Corso, MD

50 Years

Judith F. Harrington, MA
Melvin Spira, MD, MSD, DDS
William S. Garrett, Jr., MD

40 Years

Albert J. Colman, DDS, MS
Arden L. Hothem, MD
Arnold E. Katz, MD, MS
Henry K. Kawamoto, Jr., MD, DDS
Jon K. Hufnagle, PhD
Karl-Victor Sarnas, DDS, OD, MS
Lynn C. Richman, PhD
Mark E. Krugman, MD, FACS
Norman R. Wall, MD
Philip S. Metz, MD
Rodger M. Dalston, PhD
Stephen H. Miller, MD
Vincent Kokich, DDS, MSD
William L. Carter, MD
Nachman Rosenfeld, MD
Rosario F. Mayro, DMD, DDS
S. Anthony Wolfe, MD
Timothy A. Turvey, DDS

30 Years

Renee L. Howard, MA, CCC SLP
German Oliver-Padilla, MD, MS, CCC-SLP
Joseph F. Kusiak, MD
M. Brent Seagle, MD
Robert L. Walton, MD
Ronald M. Zuker, MD
A. Etoile Davie, MD
Barry Steinberg, PhD, DDS, MD, FACS
David J. Zajac, PhD
Eric J. Dierks, DMD, MD
Ernesto J. Ruas, MD
Guy L. Lanzi, DMD
Jacqueline Berger, DA
Juris Kivuls, MD
Lynn Marty Grames, MA, CCC-SLP
Mary Breen, MS, RN
Peter D. Waite, DDS, MD MPH
Randy M. Feldman, DDS, MS, ABO
Richard J. Doerfler, DMD, MA, MDS
Ruth Trivelpiece, MEd
Bruce B. Horswell, MD, DDS, MS
Linda M. Peterson, MA
Nagato Natsume, DDS, DMedSc, PhD

20 Years

Ann B. Masson, BSN
Brian C. Sommerlad, MB, BS, FRCS
Charlotte A. Ducote, PhD
David E. Tunkel, MD
Deborah A. Redford-Badwal, DDS, PhD
Elizabeth E. Sperry, MA, ScD, CCC-SLP
Timothy Mickel, MD
Arnold H. Menezes, MD
David A. Staffenberg, MD, DSc (Hon)
Kathleen C. Y. Sie, MD
Sandra L. Ettema, MD, PhD
H. Peter Lorenz, MD
Julia F. Corcoran, MD
Laura A. Workman, MD
Brad C. McDowell, MD
Jaime Gateno, DDS, MD
Jann Johnson, MD
Gregory C. Allen, MD
Mark N. Coreil, DDS
Donald R. Mackay, DDS, MD, FACS
Gregory O. Dick, MD, FACS
Peter T.H. Wang, DMD, MD
Richard M. Kline, Jr., MD
Carlos Nani, MD
J.C. Shirley, DMD, MS
Deirdre Maull, DMD, MS
Paul M. Glat, MD
A. Mark Boustred, MD, FACS, FCS, FRCS
Blake H. Turner, DDS