Meet Allyson Ykimoff, 2017 Scholarship Winner

Alyssa KirkmanACPA News, Family Services, Fundraising

Allyson Ykimoff was a 2017 Scholarship winner.  Congratulations, Allyson!

“This scholarship encompasses one facet of my life that signifies the hardships I have been through due to my cleft palate and the associated side effects.  On a small scale, this scholarship contributes to the struggles I have been through, and will likely continue to endure, due to impediments that have presented themselves throughout my life, especially speech difficulties. Even through all the trials I have been through, including my eighteen surgeries, self-doubt, and bullying, I have persevered and continuously sought out my goals.

I have never let my cleft palate be a hindrance to me in any area of my life and have embraced and overcome the associated challenges.  While my cleft palate may not be visible to the naked eye since it is an internal cleft only, it has affected me in many ways that have challenged me physically as a young child and emotionally as I have grown older. I have received support from my family, friends, and medical team that have consistently been by my side since I was a newborn.  Those support networks have been key in my development and will continue to be necessary as I embark on this next venture.”

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