Donor Spotlight: The Ortiz Family and the CleftStrong 5k

Alyssa KirkmanACPA News, Family Services, Fundraising

The Ortiz Family in San Antonio, Texas, organized the first CleftStrong 5K after their son Richie’s first surgery for cleft lip in 2014. They wanted to create an event to bring together a community in support of individuals with cleft lip and palate.

“This special evening was, more than anything, a community coming together with helping hearts.  And it just so happened to be the beginning of something really amazing.”

People from all around San Antonio are registering for the October 15, 2017 race, and anyone can register as a virtual racer.

The Ortiz’s continued determination to connect with and to support the cleft community is inspiring. This year’s event will include speeches from Zack Rodetis-Urenda, author and creator of the photography project, and Lacey Buchanan will share her family’s story of overcoming adversity after her son was born with a rare disease.

Since 2014, the CleftStrong 5k and the Ortiz family have donated more than $35,000. Thanks to the Ortiz family and CleftStrong 5k for their continued support. Visit the CleftStrong 5k website for more information.