President’s Letter

Alyssa KirkmanACPA News, Journal, President's Letter

In March we announced a new partnership with SAGE Publishing to publish our official journal, The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal (CPCJ), starting in 2018. I am very confident and enthusiastic for this new partnership as it will help CPCJ grow and thrive in numerous ways:

Increased Impact Factor. Journals that have partnered with SAGE in the past four years have seen a 25 percent increase in citations during their first year with SAGE and a 34 percent increase in usage in the first two years with SAGE.

Better Visibility. SAGE has offices nationally and globally and publishes more than 1000 journals and over 800 new books each year.

Independence. SAGE is an independently owned company, which means that external shareholders do not influence decision-making, and the focus stays on publishing.

Retire Backlog. SAGE offers a generous annual page budget, which is double the number of pages allotted for The CPCJ in 2017.

Author Appeal. The CPCJ currently publishes at a rate of six issues per year. Under SAGE’s partnership, the journal will increase publications to 10 issues per year in 2018 and 12 issues per year (or monthly) in 2020.

Digital Innovation. SAGE’s platform is a fully responsive design across all devices, providing greater consistency in the reading experience. SAGE also utilizes search engine optimization, making articles easier to find on the web.

Extensive Transition Plan. SAGE outlined a very organized and robust transition plan, ensuring there is no lapse in member benefits.

Continued Ownership. ACPA will continue to own the copyright, title, layout, archive and all intellectual property rights of the journal in its partnership with SAGE.

Achieve Goals. The new partnership with SAGE helps ACPA reach its organizational goals in the 2015-2018 ACPA Strategic Plan.

I hope you can see the numerous benefits and are as excited as I am about this new partnership. Many thanks to Jack Yu, Steve Conley, The CPCJ Editorial Board, the ACPA Board of Directors and the National Office Team for working diligently the past nine months to ensure The CPCJ continues to produce the highest quality scientific information on oral cleft and other craniofacial conditions since 1964.