ACPA Puts Visiting Scholar Program on Hiatus


Over the past 23 years, the ACPA Visiting Scholar Program (VSP) has successfully led to the creation of new teams and the improvement of care, and past scholars have reported that the experience was overwhelmingly positive and had an impact on their careers and their teams.

This program has been a success, and the ACPA Board of Directors would like to take time to ensure that the program is run as effectively as possible in order to allow for the greatest potential impact. This means that ACPA will review the program with an aim to re-introduce it in the future.

The VSP is being placed on hold to determine what changes should be made. The Board hopes that applications will be opened in the fall of 2018 to select the 2020 visiting scholar.

ACPA, its members and the Board of Directors all see the value in this long-standing program, and we look forward to working to make it the best program possible. If you have any questions, please reach out to Erin Mallis via email or phone at 919-933-9044.