Exhibitor Spotlight: Simulare Medical

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Simulare Medical Corp. is a dynamic organization with in-house clinical expertise and an exciting vision for the future.  Our goal is to provide realistic, anatomically accurate surgical simulators that capture the subtleties and complexity of actual surgery.

Our flagship high fidelity, life-like simulator enables surgical trainees and surgeons to practice cleft palate surgery allowing them to better treat children born with cleft palate.

The Cleft Palate Simulator is a physical model that offers an advanced training solution for cleft palate surgery developed at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. The simulator has been extensively tested and evaluated by many leading cleft surgeons.

The high fidelity cleft simulator kit includes a base, five cartridges, full set of surgical instruments including Dingman, sutures, blades, detailed instructional video and learning material, as well as an endoscope camera with a Dingman attachment to allow for intra-oral video recording.

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