CPF Releases Two Revised Factsheets for Families

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The Cleft Palate Foundation Publications Committee is pleased to announce two newly revised publications for patient and family use: “Information About Surgical Scars and “To the Teacher of a Child with Cleft.” These, and many other booklets and factsheets, are available at no cost on the CPF website and are key to enhancing patient, family, and public education for every stage of cleft care. We invite you to download, print, and share these publications with your patients and their families.

We extend acknowledgement and sincere appreciation to the ACPA members who contributed to these factsheets:

Information About Surgical Scars
Subject Matter Expert- John A. van Aalst, MD
Editor in Chief- Lynn Fox, MA, MEd, CCC-SLP
Managing Editor- Carol J. Ritter, RN, BSN
Associate Editors- Albert K. Oh, MD and Patricia Schultz, MSN, CPNP

To the Teacher of a Child with Cleft
Subject Matter Expert- Linda L. Duffy, RN, CPN, CPSN
Editor in Chief- Lynn Fox, MA, MEd, CCC-SLP
Managing Editor- Anne P. Bedwinek, PhD, CCC-SLP
Associate Editors- Alexis L. Johns, PhD and Carol J. Ritter, RN, BSN 

The Publications Committee is actively revising or developing fourteen publications currently. If you are interested in serving as a subject matter expert or editorial committee member for future publications, please email Stephanie Williamson at the National Office. We will continue to inform you as new publications become available in the upcoming months.