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In September, I celebrated my two-year anniversary with ACPA, and I am pleased to report – we are making progress. Membership is growing, revenues are increasing and our meeting attendance is climbing — pun intended as our upcoming meeting March 13 to 18, 2016 will be in the mountains of Colorado Springs at the Broadmoor – a five-star resort.

In September of 2015, I highlighted three key areas of focus:

E – Attaining Organizational Excellence
R – Enhancing member value leading to Revenue Growth
A – Increasing Awareness

The National Office Team has moved from being a group of “experts of one” to a cohesive, member-focused team with documented processes and a spirit of collaboration. We provide seamless service to our members in a timely fashion. And, along the way have identified opportunities for improvements, efficiencies or enhancements – leading to organizational excellence. At the Board level, we are making progress on the 2015 to 2018 Strategic Plan, reorganized the supporting Committee structure and updated the Bylaws – all with an aim to create sustainability and move the organization forward in support of the strategic plan. Thank you to Peggy Smith, Administrative Assistant, who makes sure that the governance aspects of the association (think member election, Board meetings and Committees) runs smoothly.

ACPA has also increased member value in a number of ways. Since Alyssa Kirkman, Marketing and Member Services Manager, has joined the National Office Team and established an ACPA Marketing/Communications Plan – we have increased communication through social media. Along with Erin Mallis, Membership Services Representative, we are now engaging in membership recruitment and retention association best practices. Under Communications and Team Services Manager Hillary Jones’ leadership, we have increased communication to members through the monthly digest. And, the fledgling ACPA Online Community is growing and providing opportunities to network with peers beyond the Annual Meeting. With Jessica Kokos, Meetings and Education Planner, we have enhanced the Annual Meeting experience. And as a result of increased member value, ACPA revenue is trending upward. These efforts also serve to increase awareness of ACPA – among members and in the profession more broadly.