Announcing ACPA’s 2017 Pre-Conference Symposium and Leadership Seminar

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Announcing ACPA’s 2017 Pre-Conference Symposium and Leadership Seminar

ACPA’s 74th Annual Meeting, March 13-18, 2017 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs will feature a one-day Pre-Conference Symposium and a half-day Leadership Seminar.

Pre-Conference Symposium

Attendees of the March 13 Pre-Conference Symposium will discuss Pathway to Adulthood: Care at the End of Adolescence. This pre-conference symposium will begin by providing an overview of the orthodontic, surgical, and speech-related issues followed by psychosocial, nursing, and genetic considerations commonly encountered at the end of adolescence.  Issues unique to each of the fields participating in this pre-conference symposium will be highlighted with particular emphasis given to complications, salvage, and revisional procedures, as well as dental and prosthetic rehabilitation of the cleft patient.

The symposium will conclude with presentations unique to adult care and the long-range results of team-directed care.  Finally, a multi-disciplinary panel session with case presentations, including hearing directly from an adult cleft patient, will be included. The session is being co-chaired by G. E. Ghali & Ramon Ruiz.

Leadership Seminar

The March 14 Leadership Seminar will focus on Increasing Leadership Effectiveness.  Join Martin Lowery, leadership consultant and international speaker, as he returns to the ACPA to share techniques to optimize your leadership abilities within your practice group, your patients and their families. The seminar comprises two interactive educational sessions and a panel discussion.

The first portion of the morning will focus on Building a High Performance Team and navigating the complex arena of social engagement. Leaders must focus on not simply the work to be done, but also how the team does the work. That will be followed by a discussion of Power, Authority & Embracing Your Full Potential, which will explore the dimensions of authority and personal power.  Lowery will share approaches for gaining a deeper understanding of your work environment and its culture. The seminar will end with a panel discussion. The seminar will be co-chaired by Helen Sharp and Jennifer Woerner.


Registration for ACPA’s Annual Meeting, including registration for the Pre-Conference Symposium and the Leadership Seminar, will open in early December.