Wendy’s Water Cooler Chat

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This month, I attended the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting for the second time. As a CAE certified association professional, it is so powerful to join a group that shares my passion for working in associations. It is a powerful reminder of the value of our own annual meeting to ACPA members.

The ASAE Annual Meeting is also an opportunity to learn about and share the stories of how associations make the world a better place. Through the Power of A, we educate policymakers, the media and other key audiences about the size and scope of the association community and the unique ways associations leverage their members’ expertise and other resources to enrich lives, drive job training, facilitate commerce, and so much more. It is a reminder that ACPA is an association that is part of a larger association landscape.

The meeting provides exceptional CE for association executives – I attended sessions on insourcing versus outsourcing, increasing revenue through grants, effective volunteer management, sponsorship trends and change.

Wendy-Jo Toyama with visit Tucson representativeI visited vendors in many key areas to learn about how they can help ACPA achieve its strategic goals, improve service, increase efficiencies or build relationships. I touched base with representatives from The Broadmoor and shared our excitement for the upcoming meeting. I met with the convention and visitors bureaus from Tucson and Pittsburgh. I even explored the Visit Canada booth as we consider sites for 2020. I held productive meetings with several key vendors. It is an opportunity to continue to build my national network with other association executives that face the similar challenges and opportunities as ACPA. And, I get ideas for our meeting!

Finally, I wanted to share the story of ASAE’s Annual Meeting closing session keynote speaker, Derreck Kayongo — a refugee whose father made soap. After coming to America, he saw soap being thrown away at hotels and decided to launch Global Soap— providing soap and hope to 90 countries. It is a wonderful story that reminds us about how we can all make profound differences through observation and action. Something each of you do every day in your cleft calling.

With deep gratitude for the opportunity to serve you and support your passion.