Article About Cleft Coding in the International Classification of Diseases

Alyssa KirkmanACPA News

In December 2015 an article was published in Plastic Surgery News in the CPT Corner column titled, “Coding Clefts in the Brave, New World of ICD-10.” The article is about the correct coding for clefts and stated that there are 16 diagnosis codes related to cleft in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), Tenth Edition.

The article serves as a guide for coding and reporting cleft by describing various scenarios a healthcare professional might encounter when treating a patient. In addition, the article touches on coding for commonly diagnosed disorders with cleft lip and/or palate and prenatal diagnosis.

Included is a table of ICD cleft codes for quick reference. Furthermore, information about where to look up and interpret these codes is also identified. The differences between cleft codes in the ninth and tenth edition of the ICD are identified.

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