Online Community vs Cleftserve: What is the Difference?

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ACPA members have used Cleftserve for several years as a way to ask questions and communicate with other members. In 2016, ACPA will be launching an online community that will provide members with a new way to connect with each other. The online community has some new features for you to look forward to:

  • Archived discussions. Discussions will be archived on the Online Community website, allowing ACPA members to reference discussions at a later time.
  • Searching discussions. Discussions can be searched for on the online community website. Members who want to determine whether there have been any discussions about a particular topic can use a keyword search to see what other ACPA members have said. In addition to searching by keyword, members can also search by author and date.
  • Multiple ways to communicate. Members that prefer to participate in discussions by responding via email can continue doing so with the Online Community. In addition, if members prefer not to use email for discussion, they can login to the Online Community website and continue the discussion there.
  • Multiple Discussions at Once. Each thread within the discussion forum will have its own topic for discussion, allowing members to discuss multiple topics in the same day.
  • Digests/Summaries. Members will be sent daily summaries about all of the discussions that happened in the Online Community that day, giving them a sense about today’s important issues among ACPA members.
  • Resource Library. Members can upload resources to the library that other ACPA members will find useful. Library items can also be searched.
  • Additional Features. In addition to the discussion forum and resource library, members will be able to write blogs, post events, view member profiles and more.

The online community will be launched later this year and will provide additional tools and resources for ACPA members. In the meantime, please continue to use Cleftserve as a resource for your cleft and craniofacial questions.

If you are an ACPA Member and would like to be involved with the launch of the Online Community, please click here to sign up to help.