Members to Vote on Proposed Bylaws Revision

Alyssa KirkmanACPA News

The ACPA Constitution and Bylaws Committee reviewed and analyzed the existing ACPA Constitution and Bylaws and the proposed Bylaws, which combined both. The proposed Bylaws were further refined by the Executive Council at its Interim Meeting in November 2015. The ACPA membership was invited to review the proposed revisions to the ACPA Bylaws and respond with comments during a review period from December 23, 2015 through January 11, 2016. The Committee and Council are very grateful to the members who responded with comments about the revisions to the Bylaws. Feedback received has been addressed and accounted for in the Bylaws, as well as in the forthcoming Policies and Procedures manual for the ACPA.

The next step in the process of modifying the Bylaws is that the ACPA membership will be asked to vote on the proposed revision of the Bylaws. An electronic vote will be conducted from February 9 through March 1, 2016. In order for the proposed Bylaws to be approved, two-thirds of members who cast a vote will need to support the proposal.

If the proposed changes are adopted by ACPA membership, the new Bylaws will be effective March 2, 2016.

The 2014 Constitution and Bylaws Committee, led by 2014 Chair Mark Mooney, drafted a Policy Manual for the organization. The manual will be reviewed and revised to reflect the Bylaws changes and include items moved from the current Bylaws as well as ensuring that ACPA’s policies and procedures are clear and reflect contemporary best practice. The ACPA Policy and Procedure Manual will be thoroughly reviewed by the Policy and Procedures Task Force, National Office Team, the ACPA governance consultant, and the ACPA Executive Council along with legal review.