Cleft Palate Foundation Giving

Alyssa KirkmanACPA News

For 42 years, the Cleft Palate Foundation has worked to make a difference for individuals and families affected by cleft and craniofacial anomalies. Your partnership in this work has been essential, and we extend our heartfelt appreciation for all you do. As we approach the year’s end, please consider a monetary contribution to CPF so this valuable work can continue.

CPF is the leading source of cleft-related information, resources, and connections for affected individuals and families. Your donations allow us to:

  1. Provide informational publications for every stage of care from prenatal diagnosis through adulthood. Anyone can access this complimentary education online and many institutions provide printed copies for their patients. CPF distributed about 30,000 publications in 2015.
  2. Support young researchers, often getting them started towards larger grants from national funding agencies and ultimately benefit patients and families. CPF awarded $40,000 in research funding in 2015.
  3. Award college scholarships for students born with cleft-craniofacial conditions, recognizing their years of hard work while overcoming significant challenges. CPF awarded 17 college scholarships in 2015.
  4. Award professional scholarships and provide cleft care professionals new to their ACPA experience a year-long membership and funding to attend the ACPA Annual Meeting. This is building the next generation of ACPA researchers and clinicians.
  5. Offer support and increase public awareness. CPF reached more than 250,000 people through our website and social media in 2015. We continue to offer valuable personal support through our 24-hour Cleftline, and connected thousands of families this year to local cleft care providers and resources.

Your generous gift allows us to carry on an important legacy of service and expand our reach to even more deserving children, adults, and families affected by cleft-craniofacial anomalies. December 1st is Giving Tuesday, and a great time to make your own donation and encourage others to give to CPF.

To give your 2015 tax deductible contribution before December 31st, please visit the Cleftline website or call 919-933-9044. Thank you for your ongoing support.