Purpose of the Clinician’s Corner

ACPAClinician's Corner

Last month, we introduced the “Clinician’s Corner.” This short segment is meant to tap an invited expert to provide a perspective on a clinical topic. It is not a definitive statement on behalf of ACPA, rather it is intended to be a forum for various viewpoints. We aim to include “Clinician’s Corner” periodically and emphasize different disciplinary topics over time. Unlike CPCJ’s peer-reviewed articles, this is meant to present one clinician’s approach, stimulate member interest and provide something to spark discussion among your team members and professional colleagues. If you think that you have a topic that would lend itself to this format, please feel free to email it to us. Ideally, articles should be 350 words or less and include no more than four photos, images or diagrams to illustrate the content. A poll could be included and results can appear in the next Membership Monthly Digest.