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Application for Approval

The 2017 CAT Application for Region III teams is here! Applications are due by July 1st. Teams submitting applications in 2017 must download this year's application. Previous versions of the application will not be accepted.

Teams located in the United States and Canada that A) are not already approved and B) are not located in Region III that would like to apply in 2017 are welcome to do so. Keep in mind, teams that apply outside of their region and are approved will be asked to reapply when their region is up for rereview. A list of approved teams can be found here.

Teams located in the United States and Canada that are already approved should wait to reapply until their region is up for rereview

Teams located in Region III that were approved in the past will be required to reapply in 2017 and be approved by the Commission on Approval of Teams in order to continue being listed. The application link and deadline is provided above.

Teams outside of the United States and Canada that are interested in being listed should email CAT for more information.

Additional Resources


Two free webinars will be offered Wednesday, April 12th at 11AM Eastern time and Friday, May 5th at 11AM Eastern time with members of the Commission on Approval of Teams going over the application and answering questions.

Please click here to sign up for the webinar.

If you cannot attend either webinar, there is an option to be emailed a recording for later viewing using the link above.

Examples of Standards in Practice

Recently Updated

Please click here to view examples of documentation that Teams have submitted as evidence of compliance of the Standards for Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Teams.