ACPA is committed to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and to making ACPA’s Annual Meeting accessible to all. Attendees who need accommodations in order to participate should contact the ACPA National Office Team before the meeting and may visit the ACPA Registration Desk for assistance. Onsite requests will be accommodated to the best of our ability.
ACPA understands the need for ancillary meetings during ACPA’s Annual Meeting.  During ACPA’s 75th Annual Meeting, there will be a room available for $30 per hour.  Room reservations must be made in 30-minute increments.  Groups may make audiovisual and food and beverage arrangements directly with the hotel. Room reservations will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.  Cancellations can be made up to March 15, no refunds will be made after March 15.  Reservations are for the Lawrence Room at The Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh.  The room will be set up as a conference table for 20 people.  There will be no AV in the room.  All questions should be directed to


  • Appropriate meetings include networking, discussion, roundtables, committee meetings, interest groups, meet and greets, etc.
  • Educational sessions are prohibited.  All education taking place in conjunction with ACPA’s Annual Meeting must be coordinated with ACPA.
  • Room rental begins on the half hour.  Reservations cannot be extended and you must be out of the room when your time is completed.
  • Meetings in the room cannot be sponsored and cannot promote products.
  • Ancillary meetings are not endorsed by ACPA.
  • These meetings are not part of ACPA’s Annual Meeting.  Hosts can say that the meeting is “taking place at” or “during” ACPA’s Annual Meeting but not as “a part of” ACPA’s Annual Meeting.
  • Ancillary meetings will not be listed in ACPA materials.
  • Reservations will be made through SignUpGenius.  Approval of all events is up to discretion of ACPA.  If ACPA believes that the event conflicts with the Ancillary Meetings Guidelines, the reservation will be cancelled and refunded.

Reservations may be made here.  Once you reserve a space, ACPA will review to determine that the meeting follows the guidelines and will send an invoice to the email given.  Invoices must be paid by April 5 to guarantee the reservation.  Signups will be available onsite at the ACPA Registration Desk.

The American Society of Craniofacial Surgery (ASCFS) holds its Annual Meeting during ACPA’s Annual Meeting.
Business casual dress is appropriate at the meeting. The Awards Gala is black tie optional. Please plan to dress in layers or bring a sweater, as temperatures may vary in the meeting rooms.
Name badges are required for all sessions and social events. Attendees will receive purchased tickets at registration. Tickets for the Welcome Reception and Awards Gala are only required for Guests. There will be a cash bar at both events. Attendees will receive one drink ticket for the Gala in their registration packet. Lost tickets will not be replaced. One Program and one Abstract Book will be provided to each registered attendee. Additional copies may be purchased at the Registration Desk for $15 each based on availability.
There is a 75% refund for cancellations received in writing by January 31, 2018. Cancellation notices received February 1 – March 15, 2018 will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be provided after March 15, 2018. All cancellations must be received in writing (email is acceptable) and include the original purchase date.

ACPA is not responsible for travel expenses or penalties under any circumstances for issues beyond our control such as weather conditions. Attendees voluntarily assume all risks involved in travel to and from the meeting and in attendance at and participation in the program. ACPA and The Westin Convention Center Pittsburgh shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage to person or property resulting directly or indirectly from any acts of God, acts of government or other authorities, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, riots, thefts, or from any other similar causes.

Children under 13 years of age are not permitted in lecture areas.
ACPA expects that everyone who participates in ACPA’s Annual Meeting will be respectful of other attendees, vendors, Westin Convention Center Staff and all others they meet. Attendees are expected to follow common rules of behavior and respect for private property. Abusive, harassing or threatening behavior directed toward any other attendee or person will not be tolerated. Report all incidents in which a meeting attendee is abusive, insulting, intimidating, bothersome or acting in an unsafe or illegal manner to the ACPA Registration Desk or to Westin Convention Center Security immediately.
The scientific material presented at this meeting has been made available by ACPA for educational purposes only. The material is not intended to represent the only, nor necessarily the best, methods or procedures appropriate for the situation discussed, but rather is intended to present an approach, view, statement, or opinion of the presenter that may be helpful to others who face similar situations. ACPA disclaims any and all liability and injury or other damage resulting to any individual attending a course and for all claims which may arise out of the use of the techniques demonstrated therein by such individuals, whether these claims shall be asserted by members of the healthcare professions or any other person.
It is the policy of ACPA to ensure its programs are fair, balanced, independent, objective and scientifically rigorous. In support of this policy, ACPA requires that: 1) Trade names are to be avoided during presentations. 2) Presentations made at continuing medical educational activities sponsored or jointly sponsored by ACPA, in compliance with standards for accreditation by ACCME, must include: a. information regarding off-label use(s); b. all commercial or industrial funding, consulting, or equity holdings by the authors of this presentation and/or anyone related to the authors which could be affected by or could have an effect on the content of the presentation. 3) This information will be disclosed to meeting participants through printed materials and must be declared verbally by the presenter at the beginning of the presentation. Disclosures for all participants can be found in ACPA’s Annual Meeting Abstract Book and on the ACPA Meeting App.
Should an emergency occur, please use your cell phone to call 911. As soon as it is safe to do so, inform the nearest staff member or call the hotel operator via the house phones so that a staff member can escort emergency responders. Be prepared to report the location of the emergency by building, level, and either hall, room or hallway. After you have called for emergency assistance, report the incident to a member of the ACPA National Office Team or to the ACPA Registration Desk.
Onsite food and refreshment options include Bill’s Bar and Burger (lunch or dinner), Penn City Grille (breakfast) or Starbucks. There are also many restaurants within walking distance. Lunch will not be provided for Friday’s SIG discussion forums. Attendees can purchase lunch and take it into the session. Complimentary coffee and tea will be offered during morning and afternoon breaks.
All speaker disclosures may be found in ACPA’s Annual Meeting Abstract Book, on the ACPA Meeting App and on the ACPA website. All presenters are required to make verbal disclosures at the beginning of their presentation. ACPA, in compliance with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) Standards for Commercial Support, has adopted the following Full Disclosure Policy: Presentations made at continuing medical educational activities sponsored or jointly sponsored by ACPA must include information regarding all commercial or industrial funding, consulting, or equity holdings by the presentations’ author(s) and/or anyone related to the author(s) that could be affected by or could have an effect on the content of the presentation. This information is requested during the abstract submission process and will be disclosed to participants through statements in printed meeting materials and declared by the faculty member at the beginning of his/her presentation.
Limited free wireless internet is available in the meeting area. See the ACPA Registration Desk for information.
All attendees will receive a daily email with any session changes, updates and daily items of note. Any changes or cancellations will also be shared on the ACPA Meeting App.
Turn off or silence cell phones and/or pagers while sessions are in progress.
ACPA does not offer reduced registration fees for partial attendance. Payments must be paid in full by personal or institutional check, U.S. money order, or credit card at the time of registration. Payments must be made in U.S. funds and drawn from a U.S. bank.
Candid photos will be taken by ACPA’s contracted photographer throughout the week. It is agreed that participation in ACPA’s Annual Meeting and all related events implies consent for ACPA to use these photos in print and online marketing. Questions can be directed to the ACPA Registration Desk.
ACPA works to schedule sessions in appropriately-sized rooms, but the popularity of sessions is not always predictable. If a session reaches capacity, attendees must follow instructions provided by the ACPA National Office Team and the Westin Convention Center Staff. Fire regulations may require that attendees not block certain areas or that no more people may enter the room. Please be courteous and respectful if you are directed elsewhere.
ACPA thanks sponsors and exhibitors for their participation and support. Sponsors and exhibitors are not responsible for the content of this meeting. ACPA does not endorse any sponsor or exhibitor products or services.
Registration substitutions must be sent in writing to the National Office and received before March 15, 2018.
Photographs, audio recordings or videos of any proceedings, oral presentations or on-screen images during ACPA’s Annual Meeting are strictly prohibited. Audience members who attempt to take pictures or video will be asked to leave the meeting rooms.