ACPA is Now on LinkedIn

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We are working to make sure that ACPA members can receive news and information about ACPA on a variety of sites – so that you can find us wherever you are. You can join us on Facebook and Twitter, as … Read More

President’s Letter

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Team Lessons from the Chicago Cubs “Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good, too.” Yogi Berra For several years, I presented an Eye Opener at the Annual Meeting entitled The Five Fundamental Laws … Read More

Wendy’s Water Cooler Chat

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In September, I celebrated my two-year anniversary with ACPA, and I am pleased to report – we are making progress. Membership is growing, revenues are increasing and our meeting attendance is climbing — pun intended as our upcoming meeting March … Read More

ACPA and The Power of A

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One in every three Americans is a part of our nation’s vital association and nonprofit industry. As an association, ACPA is part of a larger community of associations and non-profits that includes 90,908 501(c)(6) trade or professional associations and 1,238,201 … Read More


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ACPA and CPF exhibited at two meetings in Setember –  AAOMS 98th Annual Meeting in Las Vegas and Plastic Surgery The Meeting in Los Angeles. ACPA and CPF Executive Director Wendy-Jo Toyama, Meetings and Education Planner Jessica Kokos, and Member … Read More

ACPA’s Mallis Wins AENC Scholarship


ACPA’s Mallis Wins AENC Scholarship Erin Mallis, ACPA’s Member Services Representative, was recognized by the Association Executives of North Carolina with the “Operation Annual Meeting” Scholarship for 2017. Mallis was recognized at the Leadership Conference & Member Luncheon on October … Read More